The Studio- Update

May 12, 2017

Every time I step foot in my professional photography studio I still pinch myself.  I have worked really hard to get where I am and feel so fortunate to have a retail space that I can focus on my clients and work.  One of the hardest things for me in this business has been separating home from work.  In a business like this, we work all the time, it’s like my second baby. It’s more than just clicking the camera. The emails, phone calls, taxes, editing, marketing ect. I could go on and on.  I feel as if I’m tied to my phone answering texts and emails but one thing I have really tried to be better about this year is setting boundaries.


This beautiful space I call my own has helped me set those boundaries.  While I am here, I work.  When I walk out the door at 3:00pm I am mom and wife.  You may still get the occasional text from me if we have a session that evening or upcoming weekend but for the most part I try to stick to my 8-3.

I have made some changes in the studio in the past couple of months trying my best to use all 550 sq. feet to the best of its ability!  It is a small space but thanks to my type A organizational personality I have made it very usable.

The biggest change is bringing in this darling vintage bed!  I have been using it at almost all of my six and 12 month sessions and the babies seem to be so comfortable on it.  Like they are at home on mom’s bed.  This was actually the bed that came out of my house as a kid!  When my parents moved to Arizona from Oregon a few years ago they mentioned getting rid of it. No Way!!  It has a new home now and is being loved.




The studio wardrobe keeps growing.  I joke with my friends that since I have a boy I like to shop for my clients!  I have everything ranging from newborn to 2T in the studio and sadly it is a bit girl heavy but I have some fun options for newborn and sitter age boys too.  Amazing handmade brands such as Sew Perfect Props, Darling Baby Shop, Zara, The Measure, Tutu du Monde, Dollcake Vintage, Edna Madeline and more.


My little parent lounge is quaint but has everything you need for feeding and changing baby but is right in the mix of things while we are shooting so you don’t miss a beat as the session goes on.


And as always…. so many fun props, backdrops and accessories to choose from to make your session unique.  So many one of a kind antique finds and handmade goodies.

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