Little Blue Olive: Vendor Spotlight

June 29, 2017

Greyson Ngo, A wild one

Every prince and princess deserves a crown on their first birthday!  I love nothing more than making a child and family feel special and Little Blue Olive definitely helps me achieve that.  Every one year session I find the perfect crown for the birthday babe.  It’s always fun coordinating the perfect crown with the cake, outfits, and overall theme.

Little Blue Olive is an Etsy shop that I found quite some time ago.  It’s ran by, owner Brandy and her business partner Terri, who are both moms living in the beautiful PNW (Pacific Northwest), not too far from my growing up days in Oregon.     Glitter crown headbands and party hats are they’re gamut and they use pretty cool materials such as; wool felt, glitter fabric, and one-of-a-kind vintage pieces.  I don’t think there is anything they can’t make.  Check out this super creative crown from “Where The Wild Things Are.”


This adorable shop, also known as, “the home of the original crown headband” is great at creating custom pieces too, so, when I have a client who is requesting something unique and brand new, they will make it.  Another thing that’s pretty important is the quality of each piece and how durable they are.  Wether it’s a keepsake or I’m using it more than once, it’s nice to know I’m working with something that will hold up against a one year pulling on it and playing with it and I can use it again.

I have plenty of their crown and party hats that will look perfect in your baby’s one year cake smash so call me soon and we can start planning!  If you need help with theme ideas, no worries, I got you covered!

See you at the cake smash!

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