Walking On Sunshine: Yellow Is My Favorite Color This Season

May 25, 2017

This sweetie wearing a halo of sunshine.

Yellow is my favorite color this time of year, especially a soft and airy yellow.  I think of sunshine, joy, happiness, and newness.  It’s interesting how color is viewed depending on what it’s associated with such as; food, culture, interior design, fashion, or in this case children.

newborn photographer, yellow baby clothes, yellow floral, one piece, wild flowers

This entire ensemble is classic and pure. The yellow wildflowers on the backdrop by “Intuition” compliments the outfit and “headband” perfectly

I remember when there were primarily only four colors used for baby showers, nurseries, and wardrobe: pink, blue, yellow, and green.  Yellow and green were standard if the sex of the baby was undetermined and of course pink was for a girl and blue was for a boy.  Thankfully we’ve advanced to many more colors and if you’ve been to my studio you’ll see a myriad of color and design.   Literally, the sky is the limit when it comes to color schemes and design, however, I will always love the traditional yellow.  It’s sweet, timeless, and pure.

Although yellow represents freshness, happiness, positivity, clarity, and optimism, an overly used or bright yellow can be too stimulating.  This is why I lean toward softer shades as shown in the image below.

I always like to use soft materials like this wrap from Wo0l Lacey Wraps and fluffy stuffers by Ababa Baby.  Also, isn’t this headband from Baby Bliss Props a perfect piece?  It makes a statement without distracting from a little one’s beautiful face.

So as we enter the warm and beautiful season of summer, don’t be shy to use this timeless color. I’d love to see your little angel and wrap them up in sunshine.  What’s your favorite color this season?

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