Easton: Radio Baby

June 8, 2017

Today was a long day.  Shooting a newborn, family, and the older sibling usually makes for an extended session.  We started with cutie pie Addison.  You know the saying, “Though she but little, she is fierce?” I’m convinced that was created for Addison.  She is absolutely adorable and knows what she does and doesn’t want, including her brother Easton.  For you mama’s of multiples, I’m sure you can relate.  Addison politely asked her Mom and Dad if they could return him.  I don’t they kept the receipt… ha-ha.

She gracefully played in this beautiful ballerina dress by Tutu du Monde along with cars and train tracks.  Now what a perfect combo.  This girl is on to something except baby Easton.  Take a look at her hand as his body ALMOST touches her during the family shot.  She is so loving though, I know it won’t take long before they’re best buds.

Once we captured a few family shots and some of just Addy, she left with Grandma and we moved right in to treasuring our time with Easton. This sweet boy awaited his turn patiently and didn’t make a peep.  He had two feedings, passed gas along the way, and endured a diaper change while I diligently worked to get the perfect pose with him and his mama’s microphone.   Eventually he relieved himself on my beanbag, I’ll get to that later.

Since Easton’s mom is one of the best DJ’s in town, we created a scene of him resting his arm over a really nice, and I’m assuming, expensive microphone.  Wow, this baby is strong!  It took a lot of work to get his hand and fingers to rest and for him to stay in position.  At one point he nearly pushed himself up into a crawling stance.  How is that possible?  He has a resilient will already.

sheepskin grey
| backdrop | floors | wrap

We were able to capture the simple bag shots but not without painting the top two layers of fabric a bright mustard color.  Not the kind you put on a hot dog.  You know what I mean.

Although, it was a busy session, it was successful.  The Anderson family couldn’t be any more beautiful and I’m grateful they entrusted me to create lifelong memories for them.  Next… I’ll be on location to do some in-home designing and image placement for them so stay tuned for more of baby Easton.

If you need assistance on designing your baby’s nursery with images, color coordination, frame/canvas, etc.  Contact me,  I’d love to work with you from beginning to end to create a perfect masterpiece and bring those digitals to life!


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