Intuition Backgrounds: Newborn Photography Vendor Spotlight

June 20, 2017

Vendor Spotlights are so fun and I will be doing more of them.  Babies are perfect as is and they sure don’t need any help being cute, but who doesn’t love an image with a fresh, plump baby surrounded by beautiful  props?  Props are everything in the image except the baby.

To kick off my monthly vendor spotlight I’d be remised if I didn’t begin with Intuition Backgrounds by Becky Gregory.  I am in love with all the details that create memorable moments but to the common eye, the background is sometimes noticed first.  Although Intuition carries many products, backdrops and flooring are what I usually purchase.  Becky’s artwork is unique with a variety of soft colors, great mix of florals, and textured solids.

The top 3 things I love most about Intuition Backgrounds is

1) The product of course.  The Dream weave and Poly paper are my favorite.  This image has the “Verde” backdrop in poly paper and a floor mat in “Dirt”.  I fell in love with the Verde as soon as I saw it.  As an Arizona Photographer, it’s perfectly fit
ting.  Even better, it’s cute for girls and boys.  Just look at little Max comfortably resting in front of the Cactus landscape.

The next image has a purple circular backdrop on the poly paper and is one of my most popular girl backdrops in the studio. 2) Great customer service- I received a shipment and a portion of the product was damaged.  Becky immediately snt a replacement without waiting for me to return the damaged piece. No red tape or long drawn out questions.  Last but not least…

3) She reveals herself and the history of her business.  Becky clearly describes the dedication and work she’s put into these gorgeous props and knowing this makes me even happier to buy from her.  You can read her “About us” page here.

Do you have a little one on the way or soon to be one years old?  If so, contact me so we can get started on creating the perfect ensemble for your sweet babe.

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